Supersonic Business Jet: An incredible invention of Aerion Corporation and Spike Aerospace

13 March 2014
You may get surprised to know that Aerion Corporation and Spike Aerospace are going to release an awesome supersonic business jet that would have no windows...

April 8, 2014: Microsoft is going to End Support for XP Operating System

12 March 2014
Regardless of the fact that Windows XP will never die and it is still very popular in various countries including China, Microsoft has decided to stop supporting XP operating system..

Baggage Status at Airlines in United States: More Checked Bag Fees More are the Mishandled Bags

08 March 2014
The passengers in United States face some issues regarding bag checking and bag mishandling regardless of the increased bad checked fees per customer..

A Great Use of WhatsApp: India Police has traced the Missing Boy

07 March 2014
It is no secret that WhatsApp is having over 900 million users in India and this s one of the reasons, Indian police has succeeded to trace the missing boy...

World Health Organization (WHO) Advised to Halve Daily Sugar Intake

06 March 2014
WHO has guided the people to halve the amount of sugar, they intake daily. According to the recent advise by WHO, the daily sugar intake should be not more than 10% of daily calorie intake...

2014: The Most Expensive Year for the Travel Industry

05 March 2014
MasFlight, a corporate software company that monitors and analyzes big data for the logistics and transport sector, reported that due to poor weather conditions...

WeChat: The biggest innovation of China’s Biggest Internet Company

01 March 2014
The people of China are always in search of new technology and innovations and they often get success brining out an innovation to the entire world...

Mr. Love is accused of violating the security of FBI and Nasa

28 February 2014
Briton Lauri Love, a British man, is facing the charges of stealing personal information by accessing the US Federal Reserve computer servers.

Bloodhound: A car with the speed of 1,610km/h

27 February 2014
A British team is going to astonish the world by developing a car that will be capable enough to reach 1,000 mph that means its speed will be 1,610km/h.

Facebook Email Address system will be closed from now onwards:

26 February 2014
Three years ago, facebook has introduced its email address system; “@” email addresses have been given to the users...