Apple Watch battery life revealed.

28 January 2015
Claims $349 gadget will last less than nineteen hours on a single charge...

Things That Will Make Your Flight Attendant Hate You.

27 January 2015
When did “please” and “thank you” disappear from air travel?Seeing how people behave toward flight attendants these days...

How to drink more water.

26 January 2015
The human body is about 66 percent water so it’s no surprise that H2O is vital to our daily health and functioning...

Health warning…! Itlian treat is the 2nd source of calories for American children.

23 January 2015
Pizza had the largest impact on diet when eaten as a snack between meals. Pizza is the second-highest source of calories for kids ages 2 to 18, researchers have found...

Final specs of Samsung Galaxy S6 Leaked..Should Apple be Worried???

22 January 2015
On Wednesday morning final specs of Samsung Galaxy S6 leaked. It has been a competition between Samsung and Apple new phones...

Coffee device fits into your pocket. Makes hot espresso quickly!

21 January 2015
For coffee liker’s! When you for from your kitchen or coffee shop. Unlike other traditional system. Minipresso does not contain batteries or plug...

Hold your Breath for a While! The World’s Deepest Pool with the Height of Nine Double Decker Buses

04 October 2014
It will take your breath away; you have to hold your breath all the way to bottom when diving into the world’s deepest pool

Three Knoxville Area Men Tried to Sneak $1,000 Worth Video Games out of Walmart

02 October 2014
According to a Kingsport Times News report, three men stuffed $1,000 in stolen Walmart games in their pants.

A Warning from Motoring Experts: Apple Watch could Put you in Prison for up to Two Years

30 September 2014
Though, this amazing Apple gadedt is not released yet but the drivers have been warned that using the gadget while driving can put them in prisons