Status update: 10 years in, Facebook still a force

04 February 2014
Facebook on Tuesday celebrates 10 years since Mark Zuckerberg's Harvard dorm room launch of the social network, a business now worth more than corporate centenarians General Motors and Ford Motor combined.

Activists and Japan engage in blame game

03 February 2014
Anti-whaling campaigners and Japan have engaged in a fresh war of words after a Sea Shepherd ship clashed with Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean. Japan asked the Netherlands to take measures against the Dutch-registered Bob Barker after it collided with a Japanese whaling ship.

Peanut allergy treatment 'a success'

30 January 2014
The 85 children had to eat peanut protein every day - initially in small doses, but ramped up during the study. The findings, published in the Lancet, suggest 84% of allergic children could eat the equivalent of five peanuts a day after six months.

UrtheCast Cameras Successfully Installed On International Space Station

28 January 2014
Contrary to the online broadcast of the installation, the telemetry was received by Mission Control Central near Moscow. During the installation, we were able to complete all of the intended tests during the spacewalk. At this time, all telemetry received and analyzed is within our expected results.

Suicide Bombings Seen Rising in Russian Region Near Olympics

27 January 2014
Islamic extremists in southern Russia are increasingly using suicide bombers, and the government’s offensive against radicals in the North Caucasus has led to an increase in civilian casualties, a report showed.

Texting while walking affects your balance

23 January 2014
You've seen this person. Maybe you've even been this person.

Sears to close flagship Loop location in April

22 January 2014
Sears Holdings said Tuesday it plans to close its flagship location in the Loop this spring. The troubled Hoffman Estates-based retailer will start its liquidation sale at the location at 2 N. State St. on Jan. 26 and shut its doors in April.

Enjoying life makes older people more capable

21 January 2014
People who enjoy life maintain their ability to take care of themselves, and they walk faster than those who rate their lives as less enjoyable, scientists reported Monday. Feelings of happiness and enjoyment – a.k.a. positive affective well-being – have been associated with longer life and less heart disease and stroke. But the current study looked at decline of functions in daily life and disability as people age, and at the more objective measure of walking speed.

Human transmissions of H7N9 in China 'sporadic'

21 January 2014
Human-to-human transmission of the H7N9 bird flu virus might occur on a limited scale in China, the World Health Organisation representative to the country said on Monday. But there is no evidence that the virus will become sustained or widespread among humans, Bernhard Schwartlander said.

Google contact lens could be option for diabetics

17 January 2014
Brian Otis gingerly holds what looks like a typical contact lens on his index finger. Look closer. Sandwiched in this lens are two twinkling glitter-specks loaded with tens of thousands of miniaturized transistors. It's ringed with a hair-thin antenna. Together these remarkable miniature electronics can monitor glucose levels in tears of diabetics and then wirelessly transmit them to a handheld device.