Entertainment RSS http://www.eyada.com Articles RSS DDETAIL Is Nintendo Switch Worth Buying? Sat, 12 Sep 2020 14:27:05 GMT http://www.eyada.com/Is-Nintendo-Switch-Worth-Buying_1237.html <img src="http://www.eyada.com/site-content/blog-pics/1599935225.JPG" align="left" width="150" alt="Is Nintendo Switch Worth Buying?" />Is the Nintendo Switch worth buying in 2020? Remember when gamers went crazy over the Nintendo Switch released in 2018, which gained a massive deal in just two days of selling when it became the first ever major deal in Nintendo's history. http://www.eyada.com/Is-Nintendo-Switch-Worth-Buying_1237.html Healthy Spices To Boost Your Immune System Fri, 12 Jun 2020 02:10:10 GMT http://www.eyada.com/Healthy-Spices-To-Boost-Your-Immune-System_1226.html <img src="http://www.eyada.com/site-content/blog-pics/1591942210.JPG" align="left" width="150" alt="Healthy Spices To Boost Your Immune System" />How do you strengthen the immune system? Your immune system, on a whole, does a phenomenal job of keeping you protected against microbes that cause disease.The year 2020 started with a contagious disease which has already taken the tens of millions of human lives.In order to protect those they love from a viral disease that has taken lives of many people , people need to take good care of themselves and their loved ones and take best nutrients, food items and activities to boost your immune system against C http://www.eyada.com/Healthy-Spices-To-Boost-Your-Immune-System_1226.html The Internet's New Favourite Dalgona Coffee Fri, 10 Apr 2020 14:00:53 GMT http://www.eyada.com/The-Internet's-New-Favourite-Dalgona-Coffee_1220.html <img src="http://www.eyada.com/site-content/blog-pics/1586541653.jpg" align="left" width="150" alt="The Internet's New Favourite Dalgona Coffee" />The viral drink everyone is making during this quarantine, Since we can not go out for coffee anymore. Dalgona coffee is sweet, creamy and very easy to make. Dalgona coffee is a Korean recipe which began to trend on tiktok and made to instagram’s famous accounts, almost everyone started making the whipped creamy coffee since people are looking for fun things. But is this frothy coffee officially known as the dalgona coffee worth the hype? That's something you will have to check out yourself. http://www.eyada.com/The-Internet's-New-Favourite-Dalgona-Coffee_1220.html Popular Netflix shows to stream Wed, 18 Mar 2020 13:19:38 GMT http://www.eyada.com/Popular-Netflix-shows-to-stream-_1217.html <img src="http://www.eyada.com/site-content/blog-pics/1584551709.png" align="left" width="150" alt="Popular Netflix shows to stream " />Are you in a mood to watch a fiction,thriller or a romance or action series?Netflix has it all.We have sorted out the best series and movies for you that are a must see. Here are some of the popular shows that you would love to see: http://www.eyada.com/Popular-Netflix-shows-to-stream-_1217.html Science Fiction Movies Fri, 21 Feb 2020 14:37:45 GMT http://www.eyada.com/Science-Fiction-Movies_1213.html <img src="http://www.eyada.com/site-content/blog-pics/1582313865.jpg" align="left" width="150" alt="Science Fiction Movies" />Science fiction movies use science-based fictional events such as alien, time travel, unique life forms, etc. Also, there are other techs like robots, spacecraft, and cyborgs, and so on. Click here to know our top picks of sci-fi movies. http://www.eyada.com/Science-Fiction-Movies_1213.html End of the World Movies Mon, 27 Jan 2020 11:13:00 GMT http://www.eyada.com/End-of-the-World-Movies_1209.html <img src="http://www.eyada.com/site-content/blog-pics/1580141580.jpg" align="left" width="150" alt="End of the World Movies" />End of the world movies combines dread of horror films with the adrenaline rush of disaster movies. Our list of the film enables you to enjoy imagining yourself in the situation of the film's characters. http://www.eyada.com/End-of-the-World-Movies_1209.html Netflix Romantic Movies Sat, 04 Jan 2020 16:12:57 GMT http://www.eyada.com/Netflix-Romantic-Movies_1205.html <img src="http://www.eyada.com/site-content/blog-pics/1578172377.jpg" align="left" width="150" alt="Netflix Romantic Movies" />With Netflix romantic movies, you can plan a date with your friend, partner, or yourself. Our list shows along with new releases some box office hits, award-winners, bona fide classics in the mix. http://www.eyada.com/Netflix-Romantic-Movies_1205.html Best Movies on Netflix Fri, 27 Dec 2019 13:56:32 GMT http://www.eyada.com/Best-Movies-on-Netflix_1204.html <img src="http://www.eyada.com/site-content/blog-pics/1577472992.jpg" align="left" width="150" alt="Best Movies on Netflix" />Sometimes, finding the best movies on Netflix in time may seem like an impossible task. It is especially the case now. Netflix's movie rating system is a percentage, not numerical. So, we have gathered a list of the 7 best movies of all time. http://www.eyada.com/Best-Movies-on-Netflix_1204.html Romantic Comedy Movies | Top Romantic Comedy | Rom-Com Sat, 12 Oct 2019 06:33:00 GMT http://www.eyada.com/Romantic-Comedy-Movies-|-Top-Romantic-Comedy-|-Rom-Com_1191.html <img src="http://www.eyada.com/site-content/blog-pics/1570824368.png" align="left" width="150" alt="Romantic Comedy Movies | Top Romantic Comedy | Rom-Com" />A blend of true love and comic plotlines makes a romantic comedy movie. We listed the best romantic comedy movies into two genres: Romance and Comedy. You can also call it as Rom-Com. http://www.eyada.com/Romantic-Comedy-Movies-|-Top-Romantic-Comedy-|-Rom-Com_1191.html The Best Horror Movies all the Time | Horror Movies Review Fri, 11 Oct 2019 16:14:41 GMT http://www.eyada.com/The-Best-Horror-Movies-all-the-Time-|-Horror-Movies-Review_1190.html <img src="http://www.eyada.com/site-content/blog-pics/1570470044.jpg" align="left" width="150" alt="The Best Horror Movies all the Time | Horror Movies Review" />You have seen so many horror movies, and some of them are very scary. Did you ever wonder what the best horror movies of all time are? You may want to watch them on Halloween. So, here are our best horror movies all the time: http://www.eyada.com/The-Best-Horror-Movies-all-the-Time-|-Horror-Movies-Review_1190.html