iPhones might someday have a 'panic mode' button... only lest

has filed a latest copyright that will have you attainment for your when you discover yourself in hazard.  So lest you're kidnapped or you believe there are thieves in the home, the latest patent, titled 'Fingerprint Activation of a Panic Mode of Operation for a Mobile Device,' explains a button selection that can inconspicuously call for assist.


While Apple's Touch ID presently allows you unlock your handset, the fright mode patent describes the capability to allocate a "secret" fingerprint that locks down the phone and prompting other things, like captivating a photograph, recording audio and sending out a tragedy message.

It won't keep your cell phone from being stolen, however as an alternative this patent would be used for moments when you terror for your personal security, triggering an involuntary reply with just your "secret fingerprint."

Certainly, it's still just a copyright at this phase and can never create it into prospect iPhones, however it may finish up happening as it fundamentally leverages the Touch ID tech previously in iPhones, which is presently only used to unlock your iPhone or logging into the App Store.

iPhones might someday have a 'panic mode' button... only lest

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