iPhone 7's browsing might strike light rate with latest tech

With the iPhone 7 to land afterward this year, it seems like Apple has been researching with light-based wireless information technology, Li-Fi, for its latest phone. Primary covered by Twitter user Chase Fromm, coding in the newest versions of iOS 9.1 firmware declares "Li-Fi Capability", which Apple Insider has since supposedly verified.


A super-rapid Wi-Fi different, Li-Fi, or glow loyalty, was imaginary by Professor Harald Haas from the University of Edinburgh, and moves data over the illustration spectrum quite than via radio waves. It applies smart LED light bulbs that flash on and off very rapidly, earlier than your eye would be capable to observe, to propel dual information.

Late last year, a startup company developed its own smart Li-Fi LED lights, and through testing, it was capable to send data during Li-Fi at up to 1GBps, which essentially way you'd be capable to download a HD film in just a few seconds.

Certainly, Li-Fi technology is still in extremely untimely stages of growth; Apple's addition of the coding in iOS 9.1 might finish up being a easy trial by the Cupertino-based enormous to create its gadgets attuned, and support for Li-Fi might not end up in the iPhone 7 at all.

iPhone 7's browsing might strike light rate with latest tech

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