Species of bacteria feeding on Plastic bottles

04 April 2016
Japanese scientists has unlocked a species of bacteria that has an instinct of engulfing the type of plastic that is mostly found in disposable bottles.

Schizophrenic patients can Tickle Themselves

29 March 2016
Blowing feather touching up against our feet, or even our neck can make serious people laugh with a wild bounce. This unexpected response makes us sensitive to this touch, but Schizophrenic patients have the ability to shiver, giggle and tickle ourselves.

Parrots, multi talented animals

22 March 2016
Parrot sympathetic says that birds easily oppose the great apes and dolphins in all-around braininess and resourcefulness, and may be the only animals other than humans that are capable of dancing to the beat. So, they are called as feathered primates.

How it was to visit a dentist in old days.

21 March 2016
A visit to dentist is obviously fated as a frustration and a pain. But we hardly give them enough money for making the experience much less painful than it has the potential to be.

Chewing Bubble pause your Onion tears

18 March 2016
Whenever you starts cutting onions, they start conflicting with your lachrymal glands to give off tears because onions contains an unstable chemical known as syn-propanethial-S-oxide which is released into the air.

Scientist have discovered procedure to regrow Teeth by using Lasers

15 March 2016
An amazing method that will regrow your teeth.The process looks not so even, mean regrowing your teeth seems to be part of science fiction book.The team made use of a low-power laser beam for generating stem cells that are located in mouth and roused them into forming dentin. Dentin is actually the bone-like tissue that is located underneath the tooth’s enamel and contains most of the tooth’s mass.Manipulating the stem cells was a very difficult task before the discovery of this method.

How to look at the solar eclipse

14 March 2016
It is extremely dangerous to directly look at the sun without any protection because you can go blind.The only way to look at the eclipsed Sun without any harm is to filter the sun rays.The Sun's ultraviolet radiation can burn the retinas of the eye and can lead to permanent blindness

"Lily pad beetle" skilful for both water

07 March 2016
Water is 100 times as viscous as air, and insects that can live on its surface must have qualities to show movement in both domains . Some, insects like long-legged water striders, continue a small measure of distance from the water with a bounce back of air that lets them skate on the surface. Others, like whirligig beetles, grasp the water and swim.

Scott Kelly's journey to space

04 March 2016
Scott Joseph Kelly, born in February 21, 1964 is an American astronaut, engineer and a retired U.S Navy Captain.Scott Kelly worked on more than 400 experiments in the International Space Station.

Tarantulas part in reducing pain

02 March 2016
Creepy crawlers 'tarantulas' cracking the creepy pain, not easy to engulf that tarantulas can help in reducing pain but yes, they are helping in minimizing the pain with less side effects.
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