Earthquake in Nepal

28 April 2015
At 11:56 a.m. that earthquake strikes on Saturday. The epicenter happened 81 km North....

The Key to Better Sleep is an Organized Bedroom

13 March 2015
How to organize your bedroom???

Selfie Sticks Banned at the Smithsonian.

05 March 2015
No, madam. You may not use one of those in our Civil War exhibit, lest there be another civil war....

Three Knoxville Area Men Tried to Sneak $1,000 Worth Video Games out of Walmart

02 October 2014
According to a Kingsport Times News report, three men stuffed $1,000 in stolen Walmart games in their pants.

A Warning from Motoring Experts: Apple Watch could Put you in Prison for up to Two Years

30 September 2014
Though, this amazing Apple gadedt is not released yet but the drivers have been warned that using the gadget while driving can put them in prisons

Don’t Wait a Minute Changing your Gmail Password

16 September 2014
Google has warned the users to change their Gmail passwords now, after the exposure of 5 million account details by the hackers on Russian website

Captain Slow caught on Cell phone while driving his Porsche 911

24 May 2014
Breaking law is a common practice being tried by most of the people; recently, James May broke the traffic law while driving his £80,000 porsche 911.

Shocking Video: Russian Dad gives his Child a Cigarette while a Woman, laughing behind the Camera, encourages him

26 April 2014
It is no doubt, smoking is a fun for the teenagers regardless of its harmful effects but here comes an astonishing news

Breaking News: Military and Political Elites Grab Secluded Areas for Elephants

24 April 2014
According to a latest report released by a non-profit research group, the military and political elites are grabbing the secure areas in Africa’s last bastions for the elephants...

A Survey Reveals Astonishing Results: More than half of the Female Workers are Harassed by their Female Bosses or Colleagues

09 April 2014
Female bullying at workplace has been an important topic to discuss; a recently conducted survey in UK unveils a truth