Hundreds evacuated in Texas as a consequent of storm

25 July 2015
Hundreds of people were ordered to abandon flood-threatened areas of Texas as heavy rains tattered the state.

Heat Records break in this June in US

13 July 2015
The western states of America saw their their warmest June.

Protection for seagrass meadows

27 June 2015
Seagrass beds are most pragmetic shoals for fish population but are dying at terrifying rate which is an alarming situation for fish population.

Enchanted narwhals"Unicorns of the sea" becoming an endangered specie.

14 June 2015
The angelic Narwhals living in the white land are ravishing.The long tusks bulging from their heads has made them "Unicorns of the sea".

Blind Toads found on Brazilian Island.

31 May 2015
According to the researchers and zoologist, the toads invaded the Brazilian island several decades ago.Now almost all of them has undergo deformation of limbs, eyes or mouth parts, some also lack hands or feet too.

Toshiba Introduces a High-Tech Lettuce.

29 May 2015
Yes, the world is penetrating towards agricultural sector.This time its not a laptop,television or any other electronic device its a lettuce.Toshiba making the electronic factory a farm that is growing different kinds of lettuce.

Intimidation to Sea Turtles

28 May 2015
Sea turtles becoming an endangered species .Almost seven species of sea turtles have become endangered.Their species are threatened both by man and their aquatic predators.

Earthquake in Nepal

28 April 2015
At 11:56 a.m. that earthquake strikes on Saturday. The epicenter happened 81 km North....

The Key to Better Sleep is an Organized Bedroom

13 March 2015
How to organize your bedroom???

Selfie Sticks Banned at the Smithsonian.

05 March 2015
No, madam. You may not use one of those in our Civil War exhibit, lest there be another civil war....