Release date of iOS 9 compatibility

31 July 2015
iOS 9 beta is currently accessible to download by the public. The iOS 9 release date is a modest over a month away, and we now recognize that Apple's iPhone and iPad renew brings a smarter Siri, public transfer instructions to Maps, true tablet multitasking and new built-in apps.

Supersonic airplane can fly from New York to London in 3 Hours

24 July 2015
An innovative wonderful jet could get you from New York to London in just 3 hours.

Explore for E.T. gets economic boost

23 July 2015
First contact with a strange evolution may now be in the hands of a Russian billionaire.

New, Ultra-Precise Gauge Could Facilitate Redefine the Kilogram

16 July 2015
A new, enormously precise measure of Avogadro's number, an elementary constant, could make sure solid foothold for a new description of the kilogram

Samsung is developing a mobile display with 3D capabilities

10 July 2015
Samsung Display's latest enterprise is in your face, factually.

Lean chair makes you work in office for hours without getting haggard.

29 June 2015
Lean chair offers a quick fix to your sitting and standing problem,making easy and comfortable for users to stand for several hours

Chinese students created mind controlling device for cockroaches

21 June 2015
Chinese engineers have ripened a method to sway cockroach movement. They have invented a device that stops a moving cockroach and then command it to move.

Yacht Transforms Into a Jet Plane When Needed

31 May 2015
Scientist has turn tables,Yacht,a light fast-sailing ship can now transformed into a jet plane when needed.

Facets(Android application)

29 May 2015
If you are looking to replace the wallpaper on your home screen ,you might want to check out Facets.

NASA's New Creation Of Airplane That Alters Its Wing's Shape During Flight

25 May 2015
So NASA again on top in aeronautics by creating an Airplane