Lean chair makes you work in office for hours without getting haggard.

29 June 2015
Lean chair offers a quick fix to your sitting and standing problem,making easy and comfortable for users to stand for several hours

Chinese students created mind controlling device for cockroaches

21 June 2015
Chinese engineers have ripened a method to sway cockroach movement. They have invented a device that stops a moving cockroach and then command it to move.

Yacht Transforms Into a Jet Plane When Needed

31 May 2015
Scientist has turn tables,Yacht,a light fast-sailing ship can now transformed into a jet plane when needed.

Facets(Android application)

29 May 2015
If you are looking to replace the wallpaper on your home screen ,you might want to check out Facets.

NASA's New Creation Of Airplane That Alters Its Wing's Shape During Flight

25 May 2015
So NASA again on top in aeronautics by creating an Airplane

Facebook Messenger:Cideo Chat

28 April 2015
The social network is now added a new functionality named video chat to Facebook Messenger. Which means you can not only text or call but you.....

Google Project: Fi mobile network

23 April 2015
The company will rent out data capacity and voice from two already existing operators and those are T-Mobile and Sprint and....

Technology Products: Protect you to break the Law

14 April 2015
Now you have elegant electronic gadgets but you imagine that you can do it in the way you want with it. You may be displeased by laws that say, no, apologetic, there is some stuff you may not do.

Battle of Sixes: Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. Apple iPhone 6

03 April 2015
Samsung and Apple are the Yankees and Red Sox of the Smartphone world, bitter rivals that ostensibly....

Google Is Working on Airbags for the Outside of the Car.

27 March 2015
With nearly every major automaker working on autonomous car technology, it won’t be too long before we are sharing....