Scientist roll up a Beating heart using Stem cells

28 April 2016
A recent study reported in the Circulation Research journal that scientist has grown a beating a human heart in a lab using stem cells. The researchers carve out a total of 73 human hearts that had been classified as unacceptable for transplantation were used in the lab for the study.

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer that protect hairs from intense heat

27 April 2016
Sir James Dyson's new invention a "Hair dryer" which is the successor of bagless vacuum cleaners. Sir James Dyson, divulge the company's first hair dryer on Wednesday and named it as "Dyson Supersonic".

Turkey constructing World's widest Bridge

26 April 2016
The world's best and widest suspension bridge is soon going to be completed. The Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge aka 3rd Bosphorus Bridge is located north of two other dynamic bridged in Istanbul, so the name is 3rd Bosphorus Bridge.

Best inversion table: Body Champ Inversion therapy ta

13 April 2016
Inversion tables are perfect for boosting your fitness.So if you are thinking of buying an inversion table, The Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy is really a best inversion table, based on Faultless durability, mechanical design and is cost of 114.98$.

Good news for mountain conquers

31 March 2016
Daredevils who have wipe of the maps by their most challenging trails and want to swagger their accomplishments can now recollect their incredible victories in stunning 3D-printed statues made from their GPS tracks.

Sony introducing its new virtual reality headset

17 March 2016
Sony's amazing virtual reality headset opens at the of $399 (£282) That’s really makes it $200 cheaper than Facebook's rival Oculus Rift and $400 less than HTC's Vive.The PlayStation VR is not so up to date than its two predecessors rivals, but many experts say that it will nailed them out

Smart bed sharing your making task

15 March 2016
Making your bed every morning disturbs your morning mood and is one of the most awful task doing every morning.If you use this OHEA smart bed, you can wake up and while you are done with your brushing the bed would have completed its task.You will be smiling while getting out of the room.

Raspberry Pi 3 appears with Wi-Fi and enormous performance boost

01 March 2016
The Raspberry Pi 3 has been proclaimed, with the third iteration of the enormously accepted mini-computer bragging 50% extra processing power. The newest Raspberry Pi is based on a Broadcom BCM2837 System on a Chip (SoC), which comprises the 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex A53 processor, giving the Pi 3 its power increase.

Canonical's latest Ubuntu tablet believes it's a computer

29 February 2016
Canonical has initiated a latest tablet running its Ubuntu operating system, although instead of going following the likes of the iPad Air 2 it's gunning for the desktop computing advertise. That's because the BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition's Unity engine can acclimatize to dissimilar scenarios, whether it's a touch input on the tablet itself or clasped up to a monitor, mouse and keyboard.

Your subsequently phone might have as much storage as a laptop

26 February 2016
It might no longer be a concern with Samsung's latest type of storage chips, which can store a enormous 256 gigabytes at a dimension smaller than a micro SD card. Utilizing Universal Flash Storage, the memory chips are not just dense with storage, however also rapid on their feet. According to Samsung, they can move data twice as fast as the standard solid-state drive in a PC.