The smart phone Battery (10,000mAh) that might last a week

24 August 2015
The Chinese producer is said to be working on a cell phone that sports an enormous 10,000mAh battery. The indications are that you can go an entire week among charges with this creature.

Google's elegant contact lenses now went from idea to realism

21 August 2015
The contact lens venture was single of Google's "moon shot" projects, parting small conviction that it would always move from perception to actuality.

Facebook to allow further users live stream.... just not everybody

19 August 2015
Facebook has introduced Live, a live video streaming overhaul that let you to observe the lives of famous music superstars, athletes and influencers. It's similar to Periscope; apart from you have to be this fresh for Facebook to permit you stream your personal adventures

The first glance of the Nexus 5 with a new Look

17 August 2015
Google killed off the Nexus 5 in advance this year, however it seems a invigorated version will be introduction alongside the new Nexus 6 this year.

Best mobile phones in the world nowadays

13 August 2015
Whether it's one of the a lot of efficient Android handsets, the latest iPhone or one from a variety of further cool operating systems, we have widely tested them all so you don't have to.Here are the rankings for the best smart phones around, presently available.

Facebook may possibly have a Twitter-like app in the workings

12 August 2015
Facebook is supposedly developing an innovative app that will drive breaking news alerts directly to your phone.A source close to the subject has leaked screen shots of a projected alert along with facts concerning the app.


05 August 2015
Although a unsteady start, Apple will supposedly reveal their latest iteration of the APPLE TV this September. It’s about time; the preceding hardware update to the Apple TV was in 2012..

Release date of iOS 9 compatibility

31 July 2015
iOS 9 beta is currently accessible to download by the public. The iOS 9 release date is a modest over a month away, and we now recognize that Apple's iPhone and iPad renew brings a smarter Siri, public transfer instructions to Maps, true tablet multitasking and new built-in apps.

Supersonic airplane can fly from New York to London in 3 Hours

24 July 2015
An innovative wonderful jet could get you from New York to London in just 3 hours.

Explore for E.T. gets economic boost

23 July 2015
First contact with a strange evolution may now be in the hands of a Russian billionaire.