Wiley fox's slyness smart phones bring fantastic security and cool customization

26 August 2015
An innovative smart phone trademark has launched in Europe, and with it we've been given two fresh new cell phones. Wiley fox is focusing on isolation, safety, customization and a reasonable price

Web ad battle: Facebook vs. Google

13 April 2015
As the fight between Facebook vs. Google is on, it can normally be hard for advertisers to make a decision where they should focus their interest.

Here’s A Treat For Kids Who Like To Travel

22 September 2014
The kids may find family vacation boring; they want their own plans to be implemented; this is the reason keeping the kids engaged on a family vacation is a bit difficult.

The Spectacular Locations that provide the Background to a TV hit Game of Thrones

19 May 2014
The real life stunning locations that provide the setting environment to the smash TV hit Game of Thrones have been unveiled.

Lynx SmartGrill tells you when your food is ready and cooks your Food on Voice Command

18 April 2014
A Californian company Lynx in intended to develop an awesome voice control barbeque that would automatically tell you where to put your food to cook for the better results.

Tax Breaks would be soon introduced to boost up the Britain’s Computer Games Industry

29 March 2014
Grand Theft Auto, Tomb Raider and web based Moshi Monsters are the games being played all around the globe; these are the top selling games produced by British firms.

Internet Search Monster Yahoo shifted its Tax Base to Ireland as most Important Restructuring charged governments millions in Lost Taxes across Europe

27 March 2014
It was two days before, when George Osborne unrevealed a crack down on the corporate tax avoidance. Some of the measures were proclaimed in the budget...

April 8, 2014: Microsoft is going to End Support for XP Operating System

12 March 2014
Regardless of the fact that Windows XP will never die and it is still very popular in various countries including China, Microsoft has decided to stop supporting XP operating system..

2014: The Most Expensive Year for the Travel Industry

05 March 2014
MasFlight, a corporate software company that monitors and analyzes big data for the logistics and transport sector, reported that due to poor weather conditions...

WeChat: The biggest innovation of China’s Biggest Internet Company

01 March 2014
The people of China are always in search of new technology and innovations and they often get success brining out an innovation to the entire world...