Futurist claims, humans could approach Immortal life by 2029

21 April 2016
The idea or desire of living forever assume to be fixed firmly in the dimension of science fiction, but it may not support the entire idea.

Drinking Alcohol brings no benefit

23 March 2016
Canadian researchers says that health benefits of moderate drinking are likely inflating. Studies have reported health benefits from moderate drinking brings healthier hearts and longer life.

Sophia, is going to be your robotic nurse

22 March 2016
Sophia, not a celebrity but a robot created by the founder of Hanson Robotics, Dr. David Hanson. Sophia is going to be a breathtaking invention of science and is going to be the most compelling and engaging human like robots with terrific human wisdom. The maker is hoping that the robot would be capable of developing a deep, trusted relationship with people.

HTC Vive Steam-rolls throughout 15,000 sales in 10 minutes

01 March 2016
Though the declaration of its elevated pricing and shipping expenses had thrown numerous for a loop over the previous few days, it emerges that HTC and Valve's virtual reality headset, the HTC Vive, has proven too tempting for VR enthusiasts to pass up.

HTC Vive will price £689 in the United Kingdom

29 February 2016
HTC Vive has become the mainly thrilling player in virtual reality at the moment – and we lastly have a UK cost further on of its April release. The entire wrap up will price £689 for the UK, with pre-orders to go live from 3PM GMT on February 29 ahead of its April 5 release.

Use Apple Pay and MasterCard to travel the London Tube for complimentary after that week

27 February 2016
Riding the London Underground each day toward and from work can obtain luxurious so Master Card is presenting you three gratis trips over the subsequently few weeks, except only if you use Apple Pay. All you require to perform is register your MasterCard with an Apple Pay gadget and tour on the TFL network among 4:30AM and 01:00 AM on February 29, March 7 and March 14.

Apple Pay to initiate in China on February 18

17 February 2016
We've known that Apple Pay was owing to launch in China for a while now, except according to a China Guangfa Bank social media post dotted by tech in Asia, the mobile payment service will be launching in the country on February 18. The post disclosed that China Guangfa Bank credit card consumers can currently view Apple Pay's Chinese launch date when choosing Apple Pay.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge costs have previously disclosed

13 February 2016
We by now recognize fairly lots about the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge phones we anticipate to observe on February 21 - and currently we've even seen disclosed costs for every phone. A website in The Netherlands which states to have "reliable information" articulates the Galaxy S7 will price €700 and the Galaxy S7 Edge will be €800, which matches with a formerly revealed value found by Sam Mobile.

Amazon Echo has produced the total laziest method to order pizza

04 February 2016
Alexa, the AI built into the Amazon Echo, can stay meetings, trundle music, remember sports scores, and track the weather, however currently the smart speaker recognizes a latest trick: ordering pizza. Domino's is conveying its Any Ware technology, which allows users put orders with the pizza chain using smart gadgets, to the Echo, so all you have to do to arrange a pie is utter a single voice command.

One Plus X leaves request-free following just three months

01 February 2016
The One Plus X has abandoned its request system just 92 days subsequent to going on trade. Three months is still an extended time to stay, however contrasted to its precursors the One Plus X has been a lot quicker in flaking the unwieldy buy procedure.