The True Legend of the Wrestling World

12 June 2015
The devastating news of the death of true legend of wrestling world spread like fire. On June 11, 2015 the blooming flower became flaccid.

Stars Who Don't Go By Their First Names.

07 June 2015
Everything you thought you knew about your front runner celebrities is about to change. Some of the most popular stars go by names that aren't their real first names.

Terminator Genisys

31 May 2015
After series of 'Terminator' movies. The 'Terminator Genisys' is going to punch the clock.

Jurassic World

27 May 2015
Raptor's lover get ready for the tour of the Pre-Historic periods of Dinosaurs because "Jurassic World" is going to hit the box office on June 12 ,2015.

Furious 7

28 April 2015
The enormously well-liked follow-up crossed the $1 billion spot at the international box office, flattering merely the third film to....

Furious 8: Release Date

24 April 2015
It’s good news for Furious fans. Universal Studios declared in advance today that Furious 8 has 14 April......

Selena Gomez's pals: concerned about Justin Bieber reunion

21 April 2015
Friends of Selena Gomez’s are concerned that she may want to retrieve with Justin Bieber and....

Hold your Breath for a While! The World’s Deepest Pool with the Height of Nine Double Decker Buses

04 October 2014
It will take your breath away; you have to hold your breath all the way to bottom when diving into the world’s deepest pool

Insatiable Amphibians are Dispersing across the British Columbia Island’s Landscape

02 July 2014
Catch of an enormous bullfrog in Vancouver Island has proved the fact that avid amphibians are increasing across the British Columbia Island’s landscape...

It’s all about the Ring: Can you imagine how George Clooney Proposed Amal Alamuddin?

10 May 2014
The world’s famous American actor and director, George Clooney made an awesome plan to propose lawyer Amal Alamuddin
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