You can currently chunk ads on your Samsung Galaxy S6

Ad blocking is a contentious matter, when it was initiated on iOS9 there was chaos, so obviously the Galaxy S6 and further Samsung phones will obtain an ad blocking characteristic also. Samsung Internet, the web browser is preinstalled on all Samsung mobiles, will currently support ad blockers with the plan to lessen loading times on certain pages.

To obtain it operational you'll require to download an app to work beside the Internet software – the primary one out the gate is Adblock Fast which is gratis to install and is also accessible on iOS and desktop.


First from Android

It's not just for the newest Samsung Galaxy S6 although. All phones running software and above will be capable to use the characteristic with subsequently software update carrying you up to Samsung Internet 4.0.

It's an attractive play from Samsung in an effort to attract users back to the stock internet app on Samsung gadgets. Google Chrome is forced onto all Android phones and many users finish up using it as the default internet browser.

However Chrome still doesn't proffer ad blocking on cell phone, and there doesn't appear to be something in the works for it to emerge anytime soon. We anticipate the Galaxy S7 and whatever it's accompanied by throughout its initiate in February will run Android Marshmallow software, so it'll comprise ad blocking also. Currently just to observe if anyone really uses it.

You can currently chunk ads on your Samsung Galaxy S6

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