Xperia Ear is Sony's in-ear individual helper of the prospect

Google Glass valor have brought notifications right to our eyeballs, however it was barely a shatter hit. Sony's had a dissimilar thought - transport the information straight to your ear instead. That's the thoughts behind the Xperia Ear, the minute latest Sony gadget that places a virtual helper right into your ear.


Via an app on your Android smart phone, the Xperia Ear will attentive you with calls, messages, calendar meetings and further handy info nuggets such as weather predicts. Like Google Glass, you'll also be capable to speak arranges into it, whether it's dictating a message or discovering directions to the adjacent coffee shop.

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by now has a alike artifact on the market, the Moto Hint, but the Xperia Ear seems to be padded out with many extra functionality. But that will approach at a cost: Sony utters the gadget's battery can last around three and half hours with "continuous usage". The tool comes with a case that doubles as a charger.

Sony says it will be obtainable from Summer this year and will approach in Graphite Black, though we managed to spot a few extra colours on the MWC show floor.

Xperia Ear is Sony's in-ear individual helper of the prospect

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