Worth Noting Inventions to make your 2019 amazing


Technology is growing faster than ever, and as we approach the end of another great decade of technological innovation, there are some technologies that are expected to be ruled in 2019 and will attract most of our attention.

OrCam MyMe – AI for People

OrCam MyMe is dedicated to helping you find a balance between digital and physical social life. A small gadget is placed in your collar or pocket, with a built-in smart camera and face recognition so you donot forget the names of your colleagues or friends. With MyMe, you can track the time it takes to communicate and use
compatible applications, and you can group people, such as friends, family, or work, and set a timer for each

NATEDE – A Smart Regular Air Filter

NATEDE is a future air purifier that takes advantage of sustainable technologies and indoor plants to remove suspended particles, germs, wandering, etc. from the air, without consuming too much energy. NATEDE is a unique solution for pots that use indoor air and reusable photocatalytic filters, and not just filters to clean indoor air. It is compact and perfectly integrated with any furniture or furnishings; eliminates 99% of viruses and bacteria in the air without consuming excessive energy.

NANO1 -World’s Tiniest Astronomy Camera

NANO1 is an ideal discovery for passionate observers who like not only to be surprised, to look at the wonders of the sky but also to capture them with their cameras. The inventors of NANO1 consider being the smallest astronomical camera in the world, able to capture 25-times more light than the human eye and to thicken in 3 minutes to get a charming view of the sky and other phenomena, such as Northern Light. You can connect NANO1 to your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and browse the augmented reality constellation map to enjoy the attraction of the sky.

Enomad Uno -Movable Water Power Generator

Hydel Energy is a blessing to nature and remains one of the main sources of renewable energy. If you can use hydel power in person to meet minor energy needs? With Enomad Uno, you can, because it is a portable hydel generator with a small propeller that converts the kinetic energy of flowing water into micro-electricity. On the other side of the propeller, there is a USB port and a small LED light that can help you charge your smartphone or other electronic devices, especially when you are away from the network.

Padrone Ring -Coolest Mouse

No matter how fine the touchpads on our laptops are, the mice are however invaluable due to their unusual range of speed and movement. The Padrone ring is a small, flexible ring that can be used as a computer mouse. This call mouse connects to any device with low power Bluetooth and supports a variety of click and scroll gestures. Moreover, it comes in 12 distinct sizes and is waterproof, which means you can keep carrying itanywhere without worrying about frying or breaking the inside.

Worth Noting Inventions to make your 2019 amazing

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