World's slimmest glow bulb was just made

A group of researchers has prepared strides in the world of exhaustion light by passing an electric current through a piece of graphene creating the thinnest glow bulb yet.

The team told Phys Org they positioned the super-strong carbon allotrope identified as grapheme connecting a couple of electrodes and sent an electrical current through it, producing light. In reality, the team said in Nature Nanotechnology that a portion of graphene slimmer than a human hair when heated to excessive temperatures is capable to generate a light visible to exposed eye./

Graphene in technology

The prospect of Graphene in our daily lives is fundamentally infinite. The team following this invention says this research will assist them innovate super strong and stretchy visual drives and Computer chips.

Graphene, which is 200 times stronger than steel, could also innovate bendable wearable displays as well as better lithium batteries with over 10 times the life.

World's slimmest glow bulb was just made

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