World's largest SSD is initiated – and it's a giant 13TB drive

There was a occasion when one of the subjects with SSDs was ability, however that surely isn't the case any longer – chiefly not with the newest presenting from Fixstars. The latest Fixstars SSD-13000M is a enormous 13TB 2.5-inch drive, making it the leading SSD in the world. Fixstars has also launched a 10TB model next to this one.

With the whopping capability – to offer several viewpoint, if you desire to store 13TB on normal DVDs, you'll require around 2,800 discs! – both drives present read speeds of up to 540MB/s and chronological writes of up to


The SSD presents a temperature manage system to minimize any hazard of heat injure to the drive, and here's also an possible high toughness mode which actually triples the durability of the drive – even if with this on, storage space is halved.

Certainly, this drive is priced out of the get to of the standard user and is intended at ventures and for tasks such as hardwearing video processing. A orator for Fixstars told  PC World that the drive will run to an predictable $13,000, with shipping predictable to begin by the close of next month in excess of in the US.

World's largest SSD is initiated – and it's a giant 13TB drive

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