Why Americans are running away from Health Insurance

Many Americans don’t want to spend their money on Health Insurance for it is overly expensive and skip medical appointments with physician, many Americans believe that despite assertive increase in the prices of therapeutic tests and treatments, the actual essence and quality has been fallen down with the increase in new organizational structures and payment strategies.

Considering the research study of a new West Health Institute at the University of Chicago national poll, 44% Americans didn't go to see a physician last year when they needed a medical treatment, the reason obviously fall in the category of rising cost, for the price tag to buy any health plan is really big than ever.

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Often Americans agree with the benefits of Health Insurance but still don't pay to get them,  for they rely on their luck to get better than spending aggrandized money on health allowance. People say controlling their health-care control make a good difference in their household income.

Government should really think of the cost they will pay for expanding the amount of Health insurance policy as Americans are risking their lives by skipping medical recommendations. 

Why Americans are running away from Health Insurance

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