Web ad battle: Facebook vs. Google

As the fight between Facebook vs. Google is on, it can normally be hard for advertisers to make a decision where they should focus their interest.

There’s no need to think about Apple vs. Google, the persons in Mountain View should be watching is Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg and company have organized for a patent telling they are concerned in generating an ad exchange that would tie the knot advertising data with Facebook’s community graph (the entire data they have collected on their users). Known how much information Facebook has on users that are an unexpected benefit for an advertiser to have.

Just the once if they combined those two sets of information the ad could get the appearance of a video on Facebook or an app on another site.

While that’s a little bit hard to understand the base line is this: Google has no longer the market bended on your individual information and those precious online ad dollars possibly will one day run to Facebook in its place.

Yahoo Finance’s Phil Pearlman said that Facebook’s graph is head and shoulders on top of any kind of data that’s not in there on the end user that has ever existed,” “It is an very big danger to Google more than a longer period of time.”

Phil Pearlman acknowledges Google was the initial on the internet advertising prospect and they changed it into a cash cow for the company. Facebook has since move toward along to play the part of disrupter while Google in its place pushes money into projects related to R&D similar to internet balloons .One thing more important is that Facebook has their own R&D internet drones.

It’s a change has been noticed too. Facebook’s stock is up 12% in the previous six months though Google is largely unchanged.

Yahoo Finance’s Aaron Task  notes “Google has been an unbelievable cash making machine,”, “however there are terrorization and that’s the reason  it’s not just spending money at the wall and seeing what sticks, they observe that the viewers are going to mobile, that they’re not as powerful in mobile and that in the room  Facebook is an Eight Thousand(8,000) pound gorilla.”

Web ad battle: Facebook vs. Google

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