Vinegar helps in battling obesity

Vinegar serves for various medical purposes and one of the major purpose is that it scraps unnecessary fats of the body. The recent researches shows that vinegar really help to lose weight  and those who drivel a beverage that contains one or two tablespoons of vinegar every day truly burns two to four pounds after a month. 

But don't try to sip a straight vinegar as it is hard to engulf and can cause whooping and aspirating vinegar into the lung, can possibly lead to pneumonia. 

The vinegar actually crushed the starch into intestines. But don't go for fancy vinegars as they have additional, which can upturn calorie counts. 

Vinegar, when sobered to the skin, is also often praised as an antidote to nail fungus, head lice and warts too.

Vinegar helps in battling obesity

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