Tips to survive a hurricane Matthew

A hurricane is a  tropical storm that emerges from the southern Atlantic or eastern Pacific Ocean off the coasts of the United States, Mexico or the Caribbean islands. As the speed of this devil storm is about 250 kilometers; 155 miles per hour and so cause massive destruction in the affected area. 

In case of a natural disaster(Hurricane Matthew), you must learn essential tips to become a survivor. Floridians! It's heading towards your hometowns. 

Essential things you'll need: 

  • Bottled water 

  • First-aid supply 

  • Durable food 

  • Batteries 

Move to higher grounds or proceed towards a municipal hurricane shelter. 

Stay alert with weather conditions. 

Put a shutter on windows and step aside from glass windows and doors. 

Power lines are usually out during a hurricane so try to catch things like, hand-crank cell phone chargers and solar battery chargers. 

Capture photos of your damage things so you could file an insurance claim.

Tips to survive a hurricane Matthew

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