Tinder immediately fixed its mainly irritating difficulty

Tinder is the major dating app in the globe, however setting up a can be actually annoying. Until currently you've had to upload images directly to your Facebook to be capable to employ them on your Tinder profile – however that stops immediately.


will currently let you to insert profile pictures directly from the camera roll on your phone. That denotes you can snap a rapid selfie and upload it straightly to Tinder without all your Facebook friends seeing it. It appeared a gratuitously complicated procedure to upload your mainly egotistical snaps to Facebook, conceal them from your friends, and then upload them to Tinder.

Blazing wish

In further Tinder news, you can currently also send GIFs directly to people within chat windows, via the power of GIPHY, greatly like you can in Facebook Messenger.

Unhappily you can't utilize GIFs as Tinder profile pictures so far. That's the subsequently characteristic we'd like to observe - it would positively offer would-be matches an enhanced image of you.

Tinder has also incorporated "peek and pop" 3D Touch support for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, meaning you can example links sent in chat.

Tinder immediately fixed its mainly irritating difficulty

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