This innovative Philips monitor will sport a 5K display

MMD Philips is bringing a product perfect fresh assemble of monitors that includes a 5K monitor and displays featuring Quantum Dot technology. The slate of devices is headed by an extravagant 27-inch LCD monitor entire with an Ultra Clear 5K resolution that boasts several 14.7 million pixels in a 5,120 x 2,880 resolution that promises four times the pixels of a Quad HD display. Philips confirmed that the product will be presented towards the end of the year.


That's not the entire. The similar display also has Perfect Kolor Technology that possesses factory calibrated Adobe RGB color gap and one billion colors. It even has a webcam, multi-view to permit the display to be split into numerous partitions, integral speakers.

What else?

Carrying on the theme of color strength, the 27-inch IPS Adobe RGB display with Quantum Dot Color IQ will also be outed at IFA 2015. The technology brings with it 50% extra color than conventional LEDs and is together further reasonable and energy-efficient as it uses 25% fewer energy than other equivalent tech.

IFA 2015 too sees the unveiling of an innovative 34-inch bent display with a Quad-HD resolution, Ambi glow Plus Base technology designed to present extra immersive viewing experience throughout new lighting and Soft Blue tech that helps prevent eye tiredness by caring the audience eyes.

This innovative Philips monitor will sport a 5K display

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