This R2-D2 fridge will provide you chilly ones for a cold $9,000

Stars Wars hype valor be red-hot immediately, and the suggestion of remote-controlled R2-D2 is so calm for a multitude of reasons.  Produced by Haier Asia, a latest remote-control small-fridge characteristics the favorite droid whole with a revolving head, resonance effects and the capability to maintain your beverages at a cool, Hoth-like temperature.


That said, be prepared to fall a attractive penny on one of these beauties. Every R2 unit comes with a heavy price tag of Â¥998,000 (approximately $8,266) by tax, shipping and trade in fees are even included.  If you're not dissuaded by the cost, the fine news is that you can preorder your Artoo currently so you're foremost in line to get this magnificently nerdy appliance.

Part of Haier's AQUA line of house appliances, fans of the darker face of The Force will be pleased to know that other products based on a galaxy distant, far away are also accessible to preorder, including a Darth Vader cooler.

Other Disney-owned properties have been incorporated with the AQUA lineup of nerd house ware, such as Disney cartoons and Marvel Superheroes, however a affecting, bleep-blooping R2-D2 inclusive with cold ones takes the cake for us. The fridges are predictable to be released by December, so possibly think having one grasp your mark in line once Episode VII hits theaters.

This R2-D2 fridge will provide you chilly ones for a cold $9,000

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