The smart phone Battery (10,000mAh) that might last a week


The Chinese producer is said to be working on a cell phone that sports an enormous 10,000mAh battery. The indications are that you can go an entire week among charges with this creature. The leaked pictures are all we have to go on for at present - incorporated in the title is "Android 5.1" so it sounds like Google's most modern mobile OS is going to be component of the picture.

Slab test

Judging by these images the innovative Oukitel phone is a lot a vocation in development and there's no official verification from the corporation yet. It would be pleasant to at least have the alternative of a bulkier, longer-lasting phone. The stocky black slab is vaguely suggestive of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active but it's difficult to build out any unique features. Chinese outfits ZTE and Gionee have also been experimenting with bulkier battery packs. Even if the cell phone does exist, it's doubtful to ever build it out of Asia - but if it sells in straight quantities then the likes of Apple, Samsung, Google and the rest are sure to sit up and take perceive.

The smart phone Battery (10,000mAh) that might last a week

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