The breakthrough of artificial intelligence in human lives

With autonomous cars, robots in homes for small tasks, face and voice detection apps, artificial intelligence is booming into human lives.

The capabilities of Artificial intelligence, of course cannot go unpraised for its reaching heights. With increasing days, it's trying to help humans in almost every facet of life.

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But what if AI goes out of our control? What if it evolved like a human mind and began to control our lives?

Ok, it may not reach to that extent but it still has dangerous side effects, like being so dependable on Robots, it can slow down our own ability to think and work.

Assuming, that our most jobs would be done by robots and tiny machines with embedded artificial intelligence, this really can affect our population with obesity.

But just imagine, how devastating would be its consequences, if it goes into wrong hands, it may lash out entire population. 

Well, considering humans as the creators of AI, we still would be able to shut it down. 

The breakthrough of artificial intelligence in human lives

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