The Raid Area 51 - Are the aliens still visiting the planet earth?


Raid Area 51 is a secret and protected location. It is the popular name for a United States Air Force base. It based in Nevada, and this place has been a focus of many plots.
The site covers life different from the planet earth. The plots became famous when a man who said that he worked there. He claimed that the US state is using Raid Area 51 to inspect a gained alien spaceship.

What goes inside The Raid area 51 is not for the public to know

The place guarded with military scrutiny. The alert sign warns the public not to take extra steps closer to this area. The warning signs in Raid Area 51 make it clear that intruders will note forgiven.
• Everyone who was excited to see the aliens is finally here. The crowd who said that they would be there were not there. Millions alleged to be in Raid Area 51. It is still not clear how many people showed up for the exciting online event. Some say around 200 people surrounded the gates outside the gates of Area 51.
• A few people wore outfits, and few got signs with them. There was music, drinks, speakers, and several funny posters welcoming Aliens to Raid Area 51. The army did not relish the public. The police had big flashing lights, barriers, police dogs, and a full scrutiny team at the spot.

A lot of people wanted to storm the Raid Area 51

Once they got signals from the police officers about the results of doing, people changed their mind. And that was the best decision. The sheriff made it clear that yes, it’s a public space. People can go by those gates if they don’t cross the specific line as taking photos. Many things banned beyond the gates close to Raid Area 51.
Lincoln County emergency manager Eric Holt:
• "Officials believe the two events can accommodate 30,000 visitors". Still, more than two million people have responded to the "Raid Area 51" Facebook post.
• “People want to be part of something, to be one step ahead,” he said. “Raid area 51 is a place where residents cannot go. People want to do it when you tell people that they cannot do”.
A few people caught this month who tried to get in the base near area 51. They had to confess that they made the wrong decision to enter this place. The police verified that they just wanted to see and get a look to raid area 51.

The alien hunters are sad - Raid Area 51

Although the online event made everyone think about an old question:
Do the Aliens exist?
What is the government hiding from the public in Raid Area 51?
It’s doubtful that secrets like that will ever be known for the human on this planet.

The Raid Area 51 - Are the aliens still visiting the planet earth?

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