The R2-D2 fridge is lastly undulating out in the west

Presently in occasion for Star Wars week, Haier has declared the remote-control R2-D2 fridge is formally headed to the US. The life-size R2-D2 Moving Refrigerator, which tasks as a fridge that you can go around in any direction using a remote control, was primary revealed previous this year in Japan as the ideal brewski-carrying escort.


declares the droid-size fridge hits all the complicated particulars of R2-D2, adding "the fridge is a faithful replica in terms of sound and movement." It also advertizes an entirely purposeful built-in projector.

Although pre-orders opened up in Japan with a worth tag of ¥998,000, Haier has disclosed that it will price US$9,000. Unluckily, Haier hasn't set an authorized US release date so far, while the life-size R2-D2 Moving Refrigerator will be showcased at CES 2016, so we anticipate a launch date might be announced then.

If you do decide to lay down $9,000 for the RS-D2 fridge, everyone is tradition made and approaches with its individual sequential number plate and certificate of genuineness.

The R2-D2 fridge is lastly undulating out in the west

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