The Nutrition and Health Benefits of Corn

Corn, also famous as maize, comes in numerous varieties and colors. It is the staple food for various countries and is grown all over the world. Sometimes consider a vegetable, sometimes a grain, this multipurpose food is used and eaten in numerous dissimilar forms. Admired corn options include; cornmeal, corn flour tortillas, popcorn, corn syrup, cornflakes and as a stuffing in several further foods.


Health Benefits of Corn

Corn is a excellent resource of thiamin. This B vitamin helps produce energy for carbohydrate foods within all the trillions of cells in your body.

Vitamin C is found in corn and works as an antioxidant that slows injure caused by free radicals. It helps defend you from infection and boosts resistance, and rising the rate of hurt curing. Corn can be good option to eat to boost iron and folate amalgamation. Eating corn with your spinach, beans and grains can advance your iron absorption from these foods because of the .

Corn is also a excellent resource of fiber. Without plenty of chewing, corn can be pass through your GI system undigested. Fiber is significant for tumbling constipation, diarrhea and removing wastes from the body. Fiber can also assist you feel fuller for longer, thereby falling your wish for food.

The Nutrition and Health Benefits of Corn

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