The Most Famous Sports in Canada

Canada is a country recognized for the love for sports and exploratory activities. Sine people from all over the world have settled in this country, it has a broad assortment of games and sports being played here.

1. Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is undeniably the most well-liked and commonly played sport in this part of the world. As the name implies, this sport is played during winters, though its popularity has made it a year round game, with indoor ice rinks being used for this purpose. It is essentially the certified winter sport of the country, with numerous tournaments being organized every year.

2. Basketball

Basketball is another well esteemed sport in Canada, with its development being credited to a Canadian sportsman called James Naismith. This sport is predominantly rising in fame in many big cities, with more and more young people developing curiosity in it. The team called Toronto Raptors represents Canada in NBA, the North American Basketball Professional League.

3. Soccer

The generally appreciated global sport of football has a vast fan following in Canada, where it is commonly known by the name of soccer. Amway Canadian Championship is proficient soccer competition held in the country every year. The country is going to be the host for FIFA Women World Cup for the year 2015.

The Most Famous Sports in Canada

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