The LG G5 may have a truthfully pioneering intend

has formed several great phones over the years except it hasn't had any caption hits when it approaches to intend. LG needs to keep the removable battery choice on its flagship phones, and it appears for the LG G5 the corporation might have found a method to do it while keeping a complete metal unibody design.


According to a latest render from CNET Korea, which is based on an observer indication from someone who has seen a example, LG will comprise a removable flap at the bottom of the G5 so you can pop out the battery.

Hell for leather

It would work in a comparable method to a SIM card tray, in that you can pop it out with a small device from the bottom of the phone. The LG G4 was the just main flagship phone that kept a removable battery after the  Samsung GALAXY S6 dropped it. Let's just expect LG has sorted its intend out for the LG G5 and we don't have to put up with any further leather backs.

The LG G5 may have a truthfully pioneering intend

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