The Internet's New Favourite Dalgona Coffee

The Internet's New Favourite Dalgona Coffee

The viral drink everyone is making during this quarantine, Since we can not go out for coffee anymore. Dalgona coffee is sweet, creamy and very easy to make. 

Dalgona coffee is a korean recipe which began to trend on tiktok and made to instagram’s famous accounts, almost everyone started making the whipped creamy coffee since people are looking for fun things. But is this frothy coffee officially known as the dalgona coffee worth the hype? That's something you will have to check out yourself.



2 tbsp instant coffee

2 tbsp sugar

Hot water





  1. Take a whisk and a medium sized bowl add 2 tbsp of instant coffee(of your choice) and sugar.
  2. Add 2 tbsp of hot water.
  3. Stir stir! until the mixture turns into a creamy smooth paste.  
  4. Fill the glass with milk and add ice to it.
  5. Add the frothy mixture of coffee, leave it floating on the top and enjoy your dalgona coffee.

 Tadaa! Your Dalgona Coffee is ready.

whisk the mixture


You can use honey instead of sugar , and for enhancing the flavour you can also add a drop of vanilla essence for heavenly taste.


The Internet's New Favourite Dalgona Coffee

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