The International Sports Federations -IFs

The International Sports Federations -IFs

International sports federations are international non-governmental organizations recognized by the
International Olympic Committee (IOC) as directors of one or more international sports. National federations
that manage the sport are included in its composition. To maintain its independence and independence in the
management of their sport, international sports federations seeking to recognize the IOC must ensure that their
charters, practices, and activities in the Olympic Charter are consistent.

The role of an international sports federation

This includes regulation of the rules, promotion of sports, the development of players and the organization of
championships. Some international sports federations can control several sports.
There are some governing bodies that first receive observer status that is not yet recognized by the official
federation. In 2017, the International Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) granted observer
status to several new official sports, such as dodge ball, arm wrestling, weight lifting, football, sports, table
football, and poker.

“International Sports Federations (IF) is responsible for the integrity of international sports”.

IFs are responsible for the day-to-day management of various sporting disciplines in the world, including
through the program, as well as for the practical organization of events during games. The MF should also
monitor the development of athletes who play sports at all levels. Each IF manages its sport at the global level
and ensures its promotion and development. They control the daily management of their sports and ensure the
regular organization of competitions, as well as the observance of the rules of fair play.
The International Federation may formulate proposals for the International Olympic Committee on the Olympic
Charter and the Olympic movement in general, including the organization and holding of the Olympic Games;
to express their opinion on nominations for the organization of the Olympic Games, in particular, with regard to
the technical capabilities of candidate cities; International Olympic Committee committees.

The role of the International Federation in promoting health

Another study aimed to investigate the role of an international sports federation in ensuring the health and well-
being of athletes and the international community. In this study, all International Olympic Associations
conducted searches to understand the priorities and activities of major international associations (MF) currently
in improving athletes and the world's population. In the first part of the survey, the Ministry of Finance was
asked to assess ten health related issues based on perceived importance. Therefore, the Ministry of Finance
seems to be aware of the responsibility of athletes to ensure health and safety.
MF tries to protect the health of outstanding athletes through various activities, but the health and quantity of
amateur athletes are not important. Therefore, the Ministry of Finance lacks an important opportunity to
increase the visibility of sports, promote the health of the entire society, and promote sports through sports. The
FINA National Swimming projects and the FIFA Healthy Football project can serve as role models.

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The International Sports Federations -IFs

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