The Famous Games in America


1)      American Football: 'Football' is the trendiest sport in America. In 1903 the first Proficient league, Ohio was established. The name Ohio league was replaced with National Football League (NFL).

NFL organized the highest rank contests. It is also is also the most watched sports on TV in country in2012.

2)       Baseball: Baseball, also acknowledged as United State's "national pastime".  Generally, competitions are detained at two levels - minor league baseball and major league baseball (MLB). These leagues are followed by spectators not only in US,but globally.

3)     Basketball: Baseball and American Football are intimately followed by Basketball in terms of sports fame in the United States. The NBA (National Basketball Association) competitions, like the MLB and NFL, are followed internationally.

4)      Ice Hockey: Ice hockey is the next in the list of most famous sports in USA. Ice hockey originated in the adjoining country - Canada and soon gained fame in North America. National Hockey League (NHL), the oldest intercontinental Ice Hockey competition, was founded in Northern America.  America won its first Gold Medal in Winters Olympics in1960.

The Famous Games in America

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