The Effects of Smoking on Health of the Body and Well-being


It's no more a question of how badly smoking has an impact on our health and well-being. Everybody is fully aware of all the adverse effects that smoking has on the health of our body and how it affects our well-being. Nonetheless, the large amount of people smoking is alarming, and due to the increasing number of people, smoking is creating many adverse side effects. But people tend to ignore what tobacco can do to their health and well being. Let's talk about the impact of smoking on the health of the body and well-being.

Health Consequences

The tobacco and nicotine used in cigarettes may have harmful effects on your body that could be dangerous to health. It has been studied that there are more than 4000 chemical substances in a single smoke in which 50 of them could be a cause of cancer. The death ratio of people dying due to smoking is 13000 per year.
Smoking causes damage in the lungs more than any other body part. Approximately 85% of people get pulmonary diseases and lung cancer due to smoking. It is estimated that almost one-third of all cancer cases are due to cigarettes. Other than lung cancer people are like to get stomach cancer, cancer of the esophagus, mouth cancer, Bladder cancer, uterus cancer, and pancreatic cancer. Tobacco present in a cigarette can also be the cause of heart diseases.
One more effect that is caused by smoking that is affects fertility. During pregnancy, the harmful impact of smoking gets higher, as it also affects the development of a child. It results in the low weight of a child or premature birth.

Impacts on Well-Being

Keeping aside the adverse effects that smoking does to your health and body, it can cause trouble in getting your daily life healthy. Smoking can decrease the quality of your life. It may cause you difficulty in breathing or coughing that can impact your everyday life. It can reduce your senses like taste or smell. It makes you less energetic, and it also affects your physical exercises. It affects your physical appearances like yellow teeth, bad odor, wrinkles, etc.
It reduces your will power, and it prevents you from quitting smoking. It is straightforward for people to get addicted to tobacco. People who smoke are likely to have anxiety issues and depression, which also impacts on their relationship with others.
Passive smokers, people who don’t smoke are also get affected by the people who smoke near them as it involves substances like toxic metals and poisonous gases. Passive smokers are likewise at a danger of getting those diseases like an active smoker. It pollutes the air, and a large number of people are suffering from conditions like asthma and many environmental disorders.
Well its never too late. It requires some effort and a lot of will power, but it is possible to quit smoking for your good.

The Effects of Smoking on Health of the Body and Well-being

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