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best horror movies all time  

You have seen so many horror movies, and some of them are very scary. Did you ever wonder what the best horror movies of all time are? You may want to watch them on Halloween.


So, here are our best horror movies all the time:


Shining (1980)


Starring Jack Nicholson in the prime of life, this film has been hailed as a gem by many critics. The director Stanley Kubrick firmly takes not only the thrill of traditional horror but also a mental aspect.

The image of Jack Nicholson’s head pointing across the doorframe exploded as he says the classic phrase ‘Here’s Johnny’. It is one of the most famous scenes in the cinema.


SOS Ghosts (1984)


The mood is much lighter, but the film is no less iconic. These fabulous comedy stars made an instant box office hit, with $23 million in its first week.

The last edition was released in 2016. It was all about an entirely female division. It is the one film that has earned a place on this list.


The Blair Witch Project (1999)


This strange horror movie tells the story of three fiction film students who disappeared after a hike. People found their stuff after a year. The use of images to reinforce the fear factor was unusual at the time. It is now a system that has become usual in the horror genre. The cinema public of the time was suffering from motion sickness and shock!


The silence of the lambs (1991)


Here is another film that can only define as terrifying. "The Silence of the Lambs" rate as one of the unique appearances of actor Anthony Hopkins. He got an Oscar award for Best Actor for the silence of lamb’s movie. It was the 5th Oscar for this film, fitting the third film to win prizes in all major categories.

Hopkins plays the scheming psychiatrist who has become a serial killer. As Clarice Starling, an FBI trainee (played by Jodie Foster), made the brave choice to seek help to catch another killer.

It’s the only horror movie to win the Oscar for the best film. So, it’s worth watching.


Transylvania Hotel (2012)


As you might expect, the only cartoon on this list is not the scariest.  With stars such as Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Kevin James, and Selena Gomez, it’s no surprise that it was a box-office success. Still, the film has also praised for its great characters. Its overall message is the acceptance of those who are different.

Ideal if you are looking for something fun to watch with your family.


Get out (2017)


It is the most recent film on this list, as well as, perhaps the most uncertain movie. Get Out has been widely praised for starting the topic of racial issues into debates. It is about mainly liberal ignorance about these issues.

The story centers on the character of Daniel. Who finds a troubling secret when he meets his girlfriend’s family for the first time. You’ll always be on the edge of your seat. And you’ll think about it long after it’s over.

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The Best Horror Movies all the Time | Horror Movies Review

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