Summer Olympics 2020 Tokyo,Japan

Summer Olympics 2020 Tokyo,Japan

The Olympics are always awaited by all the sportsmen as it happens every four year. It is an important international sports event that features summer and winter sport.This year the Olympics will be hosted by Tokyo Japan.

Athletes all around the globe  participate in various competitions  such as archery,shooting sailing,swimming,riding etc. Athletes have been training and preparing for this big tournament all year to win the gold and silver medals. Gymnastics is considered the easiest to win a gold medal where as swimming is ranked the most difficult.

The Olympics will begin on July 24,Friday and ends on 9 Aug, Sunday. This international sports event will be broadcasted live by the NCB and will also be available on the olympics channel and live streamed on their website.

The Olympics Tokyo 2020 has announced adding 5 new sports which are skating,baseball,sport climbing,karate and surfing which already seems thrilling..

But the rumor says Japan will postpone or even cancel the olympics 2020 as the recent spread of the virus called corona which is a threat to the olympics this year. The question arises will Japan host this year's olympics or will coronavirus cancel the tokyo olympics 2020. lets hope for the best  while waiting for the headlines.

Summer Olympics 2020 Tokyo,Japan

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