Species of bacteria feeding on plastic bottles

Japanese scientists has unlocked a species of bacteria that has an instinct  of engulfing the type of plastic that is mostly found in disposable bottles.  

The plastic of disposable water bottles is made of PET, that stands for  polyethylene terephthalate and noxious thing about that plastic is that some species of fungi grows on that plastic. But even then PET is  used on such a large scale, this is because it is lightweight, transparent and strong, the drawback also entails the fact that it is very resistant to being crumbled by microbes, a process referred to as ‘biodegradation’.  

Scientist found that the unusual specie of bacteria that causes the degeneration of PET was named as ‘Ideonella sakainesis’.  

Scientist have further knock of that a whole community of Ideonella sakainesis can crush a thin film of PET over a time period of 6 weeks if the temperature is unfluctuated at 86 degrees Fahrenheit 


Species of bacteria feeding on plastic bottles

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