Sony seems to tremble up SSD arena with latest 240GB and 480GB drives

Sony is placing out a variety of customer SSDs – brace yourselves for the SLW-M series. As Tech Powerup, which marked the growth, notes, Sony has been producing solid-state drives for the market formerly, however these units will obtain a worldwide rollout.

The SSDs are 2.5-inch drives supporting SATA 3.0 and will originally approach in two sizes – 240GB and 480GB, actually using Toshiba A19 TLC NAND flash. Apparently, bigger capacity models might follow at various point.


As for presentation, you can anticipate 560MB/s for sequential reads and 530MB/s in conditions of writes. It's said that the drives will trait a Phison S10 series controller. They will also approach packaged with cloning software and Sony's own SSD Tool Box to aid monitor and keep an eye on your drive's fitness.

It'll be attractive to observe how Sony values these presents, and with one more player lively in the worldwide market, with any luck we may observe an additional edge of competitiveness in terms of pricing.

Further modern news on the Sony front comprised a rumor that the firm was pulling out of the tablet market – except by all accounts, that twisted out to be fake. Certainly, the corporation did fall out of laptops a pair of years back, though its Vaio product is still going as a separate corporation.
Sony seems to tremble up SSD arena with latest 240GB and 480GB drives

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