Sony observes dual-lens cameras on main smart phones by 2017

There's just so greatly you can do with a lone camera lens, chiefly when it requires to be dense sufficient to fit contentedly into a smart phone.  One respond is to employ dual-lens cameras – and Sony thinks that's somewhat we'll initiate seeing over the subsequently year.

In a fresh earnings describe as reported by Xperia Blog, Kenichiro Yoshida, CFO of Sony, argued the corporation's dual-camera platform would be accepted by "major smart phone players" in 2016.


Apple and LG might be the primary

So don't anticipate to observe dual-lens cameras flattering a typical characteristic for at slightest a year yet. However it's previously been supposed that the iPhone 7 Plus and LG G5 might have one, so these might be amongst those main players Sony is talking about.

Adding a second lens to the mix might have a pair of important advantages. For single thing it can recover low-light recital, as there would be two split sensors to get in light – something we've previously seen on the HTC One M8 and Honor 6 Plus.

A dual-lens camera would also probable advance zoom ability, as by having a dissimilar focal length on every lens you might switch to the single with a longer focal length when you desire a zoom shot. Optimistically Sony is right, and we'll observe the starting of the dual-lens rebellion this year – still experiences an appallingly long method away.

Sony observes dual-lens cameras on main smart phones by 2017

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