Snapchat currently desires you to pay for its selfie lenses

Snap chat has lastly formed out how to monetise its service, and it's departing to charge you to be rainbow ill once more. Snap chat is currently launching a store so you can purchase the most admired customizations for your disappearing snaps.

Lenses were primary introduced back in September and the latest store will not put back the complimentary lenses, however will supplement them. There are lenses obtainable for buy daily, which you can then keep and utilize everlastingly. To make active lenses, just switch to the front-facing camera on your phone when snapping a picture in Snap chat and do a long press on your face.


Return of the sick

The store will trait mutually old and "old favourites". It's all regarding the rainbow sick. The further favorites have been detached- so most probably to obtain it back again you'll have to pay up. Pricing isn't apparent just yet and we don't know if you pay for every utilize also.

The corporation says that lenses have proved so admired that 10m are used each day out of 100m every day users. The store should give Snap chat with some much wanted profits to justify its enormous $16bn estimation - and the anticipation is that lenses could also possibly be sponsored by brands also.

Snapchat currently desires you to pay for its selfie lenses

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