Smartphone Photography : Tips And Tricks

Photography is an interesting and a fascinating hobby and people have made successful careers out of it, and starting up is quite simpler now than ever. You can get started with a smartphone If you already have a  camera and yet are seeking to learn and master new photographic techniques you require a lot of practice and experience, an essential tool for a photographer are skills and talent more than the camera. enhance your skills to visualise, create and capture photos. One can give it a go by clicking away at anything that attracts.


We have listed these tips and tricks for photographers that might help enhance their abilities and skills and get the most out of their camera.


Learn to focus and expose your subject

Aim at your subject, frame it nicely, focus the details and click at the right time. Dont let the camera move otherwise it will get blurry photos which are unusable.

This is something which should be done in every scene when you have intense light and darkness.


Use the gridline

One of the easiest ways to capture nice balanced photos with the right levels and perspective is by using the grid lines in the camera.


Use a tripod

Use a tripod stand in order to avoid camera shakes or movements and get the perfect shot.


Avoid using flashlights

Photos captured in natural light have the exposure and the details one requires. Also play along with the shadows and colors.


Always be ready for candids

Posing can be fun and all but candid shots such as people chatting, random traffic can be very interesting. They are easy to capture, just take your time and capture in the moment.

Keep an eye out for reflections

Look out for reflections to catch such as the pools or puddles or glass windows or mirrors etc.


Use a good photo editor

Editors can help enhance the colors and detail of a photo and improve it in so many ways don't be afraid to use an editor, some of the good photo editors you can use are lightroom, picsart and snapseed


Capture what you love

Take a shot of anything that catches your eye, whatever inspires you and seems interesting just capture and keep practicing your skills.

Smartphone Photography : Tips And Tricks

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