Smart bed sharing your making task

Making your bed every morning disturbs your morning mood and is one of the most awful task doing every morning.If you use this OHEA smart bed, you can wake up and while you are done with your brushing the bed would have completed its task.You will be smiling while getting out of the room. 

The magic is actually done by the special pillows and bed sheets. The sheets have been attached to robotic arms that reside on the both side of the bed while the pillows have been attached to cords that raise them above the bed. 

 It actually contains weight sensors that can eyeball you when you leave the bed. The cords raise the pillows up at first and then the robotic arms come into motion. They pull the sheets from both sides and cover the whole bed. Once this has been wised up, the cords drop the pillows back on the bed and the outcome is a perfectly made bed within a minute 

Smart bed sharing your making task

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