Scientist roll up a Beating heart using Stem cells


A recent study reported in the Circulation Research journal that scientist has grown a beating a human heart in a lab using stem cells. 

The researchers carve out a total of 73 human hearts that had been classified as unacceptable for transplantation were used in the lab for the study. Than these hearts were drenched into solutions of detergents, thus disposing of any cells that could initiate the self-destructive response that is triggered by immune system 

The heart was than introduce to stem cells.These cells have the unique  ability to become any sort of cell in the body. Scientists used human skin cells that were developed into stem cells. 

After a network of lab-grown heart cells, the team then supported them with a shower of electricity  and it was just amazing, the heart started to beat.

Scientist roll up a Beating heart using Stem cells

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