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Science Fiction Movies That Everyone Should Watch – Best Sci-Fi hit range from love to fear to humanity


Science fiction movies use science-based fictional events such as alien, time travel, unique life forms, etc. Along with this, there is a merge of other techs like robots, spacecraft, and cyborgs, and so on. Although science does not fully support such ideas, such films help to focus on social and civic issues. Hence, this grand and long legacy remained to expand to this day since the 1900s. 


Science Fiction Movies


Top Picks of Science Fiction Movies


Solaris (1972)


The director and writer, Andrei Tarkovsky, led warm feelings to the sci-fi genre by this film. Hence, this not only gave depth to Solaris but also served as a source of the spur for best sci-fi hits. It is about an analyst who goes to the orbiting space station to explore the resident scientists' conduct. However, there he explores the unique characters of the world. 


Men in Black (1997)


It was based on Men in Black comic book series, which mixes fun with sci-fi to make it light. Director Barry Sonnenfeld focuses on a secret team that controls extraterrestrial being on Earth. One day a terrorist arrives to get the power from this source so, the team aims to track down the terrorist to save the Earth. Men in Black has three more sequels issued in 2002, 2012, and 2019.


The Matrix (1999)


In this Wachowskis' action movie, a group of humans traps inside a simulated reality in a dystopian future. Here, artificial intelligence beings use human bodies as an energy source. On the other hand, a hacker Neo (Keanu Reeves), finds the truth and starts a fight against machines. Further, The Matrix won awards due to special effects, layered story, and complex actions.


Gravity (2013)


Alfonso Cuaron not only directed but also co-edited, co-wrote, and produced the Gravity. On the other hand, it shows two American scientists Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, who were stranded in space. Hence, they are trying to get safely back to the Earth. Further, the film has an eerie air with fantastic acts of stars.


Blade Runner 2049 (2017)


Blade Runner 2049, written by Michael Green and Hampton Fancher, is, in fact, the sequel to Blade Runner (1982). Here, the blade runner (set thirty years after the first film) finds the secrets that can affect society. Therefore, he tries to track down the old blade runner who has been missing for three decades to save pending chaos. 


Avengers: Infinity War (2018)


This film got the bigger punch and cinematic standout than all Avengers films before it. The director Anthony Russo and Joe Russo brought deadliest and ultimate showdown with a heartfelt plot. In this film, Avengers and their allies try to protect the World by beating the powerful Thanos. Further, he wants to collect all six Infinity Stones whereas, Avengers hope to stop him.


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The list above includes all the science fiction movies rooted in sci-fi origin filled with horror, action, and fun. You will surely adore them and find them the best amid the movies list you have seen until now. Moreover, if you like other genres, read our review article on romantic comedy movies, horror movies or end of the world movies.

Science Fiction Movies

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