Science Centers in California

Science Centers in California for Families – Discover your inner master at Science Centers and Museums


Science centers give chances to kids to not only learn but also have fun at every turn. It is due to likable exhibits, which let them seek and explore while playing. Science centers in California give you the chance to grab your future marine biologist and let him hold the shark. Further, you can also travel to the orrery if you want to see an astronaut. Hence, this golden state has many special hands-on exhibits, insider looks, and special shows.


Science Centers in California


List of Science Centers in California


Check the bumper crop of science centers and museums all over California.


California Science Center


This science center found in Exposition Park has voted by Los Angeles Magazine as the best free museum. It has many displays from the human body, space travel to nature. Further, it has travel exhibits and IMAX theatre with the new wonders of the body. 


Chabot Space and Science Center


It is in Oakland and had called Oakland Observatory when it was newly opened in 1883. Cabot Space and Science Center lets the people see the sky in a new way with no limits or bounds. Further, it is the hugest public telescope facility in California and has:


  • Three powerful telescopes
  • Large screen theatre and digital orrery
  • Solar-powered cars for kids 
  • Great exhibits 


Lawrence Hall of Science


It is Berkeley's public science center, which offers pupils the after school science supplies. Further, the hands-on science exhibits let you explore astronomy, physics, and more. For instance, an insect zoo kids learn about hermit crabs, in Science on a Sphere they get the control of a planet, etc.


San Diego Botanic Garden


This botanical garden, once known as Quail Botanical Garden, is more than just herbs and plants. It has bamboo grooves, which have said to be the USA's largest bamboo stock. On the other hand, you can also see:


  • A tropical rainforest and desert gardens
  • Native plants and subtropical fruit garden


Among plants, kids can also see crawlies and follow curators who discuss fire safety by plants.


The Tech Interactive


It is a science and tech center in San Jose, California, usually known as The Tech. The fun lab with mobile tech ranging from gene-splicing to robots let all the ages dive into it. Further, its Silicon Valley Innovation Gallery has the tools that change human ideas and make it the best science centers in California.


Seymour Marine Discovery Center


University of California, Santa Cruz, offers a marine science education center. It lets you see how marine experts work where you can touch anemones and sea stars at the touch tables. Hence, mix with swell shark and get deep dive into the ocean's venture.


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Final Views on Science Centers in California


The cutting-edge science centers in California offer hands-on exhibits and special programs for kids and even grown-ups. Hence, enjoy the digital butterfly light up your arms or form your robot. There are fresh ways to learn all over its centers. 


Science Centers in California

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