Schizophrenic patients can Tickle Themselves

Blowing feather touching up against our feet, or even our neck can make serious people laugh with a wild bounce. This unexpected response makes us sensitive to this touch, but Schizophrenic patients have the ability to shiver, giggle and tickle ourselves. 

Normal people  are unable to tickle themselves because the brain respond less to self-produced movements  than those responses that are brought into by others. However, the recent study shows that  people with schizophrenia have an unexpected ability to tickle themselves, and the reasoning ability is due to the neurological changes in the brain that inhibit their ability to differentiate self-supported actions. Actually, they are able to process the alertness to move, and are aware that the movement has occurred. However, they cannot link the response with tickle, to the fact that they are actually responsible for making the movement. 

As far for normal people, if they can tickle themselves, this doesn’t mean having, schizophrenic symptomsIn fact, it means that the same brain processes (involved in movement control and monitoring) that possibly has supported to symptoms experienced by schizophrenics, could also contribute to schizophrenia-like traits.

Schizophrenic patients can Tickle Themselves

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