Samyang launches two quick key lenses for mirror less cameras

Samyang is a Korean lens maker of unchanging focal length manual focus lenses – it sounds like an anachronism but is essentially a victorious and growing lens maker. The lens designs are simple and customary and a million miles from the autofocus zoom lenses ready for today's DSLRs and mirror less cameras, but their easy function taps into the rising fame of retro-style cinematography. They offer a option to shoot in an conservative manner lacking being lumbered with a traditional analog camera.


But Samyang has spotted a second market for inexpensive, premium proficient video lenses, by creating extra 'cine' versions of its lenses with external 'declicked' geared wheels for soft iris adjustment.

New 21mm f/1.4 and 50mm f/1.2 lenses

The two innovative lenses are a 21mm f/1.4 and a 50mm f/1.2. They are designed for mirrorless cameras with APS-C sensors and arrive in Sony E, Fuji X and Canon M mounts, with a crop feature of 1.5x which affects their effectual focal length.

Cine versions and the differences

The lack of autofocus and zoom ability for stills photography is something of a daily life preference, however a lot extra real advantage for expert video photography, where a broad most aperture is frequently far more functional than a zoom ability.  The Cine versions optically the similar as the stills lenses but actually dissimilar, with the accumulation of geared focus and iris wheels, iris and distance scales on both sides of the lens  and the acceptance of T ratings for the iris settings quite than F-stops.

Samyang launches two quick key lenses for mirror less cameras

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