Samsung completed its Chrome book 3 further resilient for learning

After making headlines with its Galaxy Tab Pro S and Notebook 9 Windows products at CES 2016, Samsung silently revealed a latest Chromebook. Intended to gather the requirements of students and the learning market, the Chromebook 3 approach with an unbreakable metal body and a trickle-defiant keyboard, making it suitable for the classroom.


The Chromebook 3 comes prepared with an Intel Celeron N3050 processor, 16GB of storage and up to 4GB of memory in a resilient form factor with an 11.6-inch HD screen. said the gadget is currently extra contented to grasp and is "designed for improved grip".

Burly battery life

One of the striking characteristics of the Chromebook 3 is its battery life. Samsung rated the battery for up to 11 hours of utilize on a charge. Still with its further resilient frame and extended battery life, the Chromebook 3 runs to be light. The gadget weighs just 1.15kg, and measures 28.85 x 20.42 x 1.78cm.

didn't reveal pricing information; however the corporation said the Chromebook 3 will be obtainable in premature 2016 at chosen sellers.  With its additional resilient build quality, the Chromebook 3 will struggle against other education-centric Chrome OS notebooks, like Dell's Chromebook 11 and presenting from Acer and Asus.

Samsung completed its Chrome book 3 further resilient for learning

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