Samsung Galaxy View appears with a purely enormous screen

The Samsung Galaxy View has formally launched, as the South Korean firm tries to inform the world it requires an 18.4-inch tablet. That's one misery of a screen, and Samsung CEO, JK Shin says it "provides an entirely new way of consuming mobile video and entertainment."


It's surely dissimilar, however the full HD, 1080 x 1920 resolution makes us a slight cautious. At that size the Galaxy View runs the risk of making content be short of clearness - particularly when it's compared to 9.7-inch, 1536 x 2048 Samsung Galaxy TabS2. That's more than twice the 120ppi on the Galaxy View.

Stand up

To contest the 451.8 x 275.8 x 11.9mm size and the 2.65kg weight, Samsung has built in a take handle and stand to the Galaxy View's frame. This is a gadget which is destined to stay in the home and move from room to room.

There's an octa-core processor at the heart of the Galaxy View, backed up by 2GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory. There's a micro SD slot also, letting you to put up on the storage. Samsung claims the Galaxy View will provide you 8 hours of video playback from a lone charge of the 5700mAh battery, which means you'll be capable to obtain through a few films before you require to get to for the charger.

Samsung Galaxy View appears with a purely enormous screen

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