Samsung Galaxy Note 5 tilted to stroke down in UK this January

Even with the large showy declaration at IFA 2015 back in September, Samsung's flagship , the Galaxy Note 5 never really made it to the UK. However it emerges that could be regarding to alter. Samsung didn't depart the UK out completely, giving us the impressive Galaxy S6 Edge+ instead, except for those dedicated to the S Pen the require of a Note 5 was a huge dissatisfaction.


accounts that the fiend telephone will be obtainable in the UK after all in January, citing a enigmatic, however allegedly dependable basis to endorsement this maintain. Samsung, certainly, hasn't formally verified or deprived of the report – so get this with as various tastes of salt as you think essential.

Big on size, big on features

It's value manner in brain that Samsung also hasn't formally decreed out a UK release for the Note 5, except leaving it four months as start does seem a small strange.

The Galaxy Note 5 brags a 5.7-inch QHD display, octa-core processor, 4GB of RAM, 16MP back camera and 3000mAh battery – they just actual distinctions among it and the S6 Edge+ are the stylus and the lack of the dual bent display.


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 tilted to stroke down in UK this January

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