Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis – Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis – A Dual-island Nation


Saint Kitts and Nevis


Saint Kitts and Nevis is a dual-island nation found in the northern part of the Leeward Islands group of Lesser Antilles. Both the islands have split from each other by a channel of 3km width. The joined area is 269 sq. Km (104 sq. miles), and capital is Basseterre. Hence, this country in the West Indies round the Eastern Caribbean is small in terms of area and people. The warm island unites hills with divine beaches. In this way, the sunny climate and view is a superb visitor appeal.


  Facts of Saint Kitts and Nevis


These were the first settled islands in the Caribbean by Europeans. Saint Kitts was home to the early French and British colonies; hence, named "The Mother Colony of West Indies." The facts about the island are:


  • The total residents of the land are 52,000
  • The likely life of women is 71 years and of men is 68 years
  • Official spoken language is English
  • The bulk follow Christianity
  • Currency is an East Caribbean dollar (EC$)


More, the governor-general depicted Queen Elizabeth II as the head of the state, whereas; the Prime Minister is Timothy Harris.


  Culture and Society


Saint Kitts and Nevis have mainly owned by progenies of West African slaves. So, the majority is black with a little mulatto (mixed white and African culture). Also, there are South Asian and white groups, as well. The state has kept study essential for all from 5-16 years of kids. For that purpose, there are free public schools and private schools by the church. On the other hand, tropical diseases have reduced by many health centers and clinics. There is all the luxury to keep stable people on the island. 


  Economic Condition of the Island


Light firms in Saint Kitts and Nevis use imported stuff to make items for export. The exported goods are mainly batik-dyed fabrics, attire, electric tools, and furniture. Besides, emigrants' costs make a vital source of foreign trade. On the other hand, the trading partners are the UK, Trinidad and Tobago, and the USA. The farming of crops also raises the economic state of the nation, which mainly include coconuts. As far as fiscal power is concerned, Eastern Caribbean Central Bank serves that goal. The global airports are:


  • Robert L. Bradshaw, Int. Airport
  • Vance Amory Int. Airport


Hence, service firms, tourism, and offshore finance are the roots of income.


  Climate and Wildlife


The max noted heat in Saint Kitts, and Nevis is 33°C. There are no rains and weather lowers down by northeast trade winds. The storms mostly occur amid June and November. In the case of wildlife, there were only reptiles and rodents before the Europeans came. But, later, French carried mongoose, green vervet monkey, and deer. More, the birdlife adds pigeons, pelican, and frigate birds.


  Closing views


People visit Saint Kitts and Nevis due to its rich history and local friendly culture infused with a soca beat. Thus, the visitors love the caring and kind nature of the citizens who like to talk and drink in gathering. Also, read our review of the best flight booking apps if you wish to go to this place.

Saint Kitts and Nevis

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