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Romantic Comedy Movies 

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A blend of true love and comic plotlines makes a romantic comedy movie. It is usually based on fiction. One dictionary outline is a funny movie, a play or a TV program about a love story that ends happily. We list romantic comedy movies into two genres: Romance and Comedy. You can also call it as Rom-Com.


If we see a typical romantic comedy movie, then it may carry a script of two lovers. And their stories based on fun events. The best part about romantic comedy movies is that it has a fairy tale ending.



Why watch romantic comedy movies?

There are plenty of causes to watch romantic comedy movies. We enjoy such a film as it makes you feel relaxed. They made you laugh after a hectic routine. These romantic comedy movies are the best options for time killing. Following some movies are the best rom-com movies.


Top Romantic Comedy Movies


Pretty women

It is another top rom-com movie based on fantasy and comedy. Garry Marshal directs it.

The story involves a rich businessman who practiced in corporate raiding.



Music and lyrics

'Music and lyrics' was issued by Marc Lawrence. This romantic comedy movie got succeed because of the charm of his co-stars.



Brown sugar

Rick Famuyiwa directed this romantic comedy movie. The script holds a story of woman wonders who was trying to find love.



Coming to America

John Lindus, release one of the top romantic comedy movies. It is the story of an African prince Eddie who was against marriage.



To all the boys who I have loved before

This romantic comedy movie carries a story about two high school students. They started their relationship as a fake deal. Later on, this contract became the cause of real love.



Destination wedding

This story is about two strangers who met at a destination wedding. This meet-cute made them fall in love with each other — this movie released on August 24, 2018.



Happily ever after

It is a story of a black woman whose life became troubled. It happens, when an alcohol-benders drives her all hair. It is a romantic comedy movie released on Sept 21, 2018, on Netflix.



Mamma Mia, Here we go again

This romantic comedy movie is on a pregnant girl. Donna’s friends helped her as she was so nervous. The film released on July 20, 2018.


There is a fast rise in Rom-Com movies now. Also, there is a shift in the point of view of society about romance. The research worker chose to mien a study to know the whole clues of romantic comedy movies. After exploring 40 top box movies released from 1995-2005, they asked people for their views. A study proved that people enjoy movies like ‘Wedding planner’ or ‘you have got mail’ type movies.


Reminder: This list adds movies featuring comedy and romance.


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Romantic Comedy Movies | Top Romantic Comedy | Rom-Com

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